11 Steps to REFUSE THE SMART METERS in Brisbane this month

TICK PREFERRED DETOX: 3 MONTH or 6 MONTH Here are the 11 steps:

  1. Confirm the address of both your retailer and distributor from your bill or website (via the electricity distributor look-up tool). For instance, my retailer is AGL and my distributor is Energex (Energex sells wholesale electricity to AGL)


  1. Write a Notice letter – see my sample http://www.detoxonline.com.au/copy-this-smartdigital-meter-refusal-notice-and-send-to-agl/ – and post, by registered post, to both companies, ensuring you get a confirmation reply


  1. Lock up your analogue meter box with a good lock, one that can’t be cut with bolt-cutters


  1. Make the meter data (which belongs to the electricity distributor) accessible to be read


  1. Display a sticker – see the 2 samples


  1. Display a copy of your Notice in a secure weather-proof way


  1. Be wary that it might be called an ‘upgrade’ aka digital/smart meter installation


  1. Stay calm if the electricity meter installer harasses you


  1. Point out that YOU, as the legal occupant, own the meter box itself (renter or landholder) and have taken appropriate legal steps to protect it


  1. Point out that the meter installer is liable for WILFUL AVOIDANCE if he/she continues to attempt to install the ‘digital/smart’ meter against your wishes


  1. You have a common law right to protect your property – the meter box – from trespass. You have the right to resist having your possessions modified, devalued or damaged without consent.


THE ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTOR (e.g. Energex) owns the electricity provided by the retailer (AGL).

THE ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTOR also owns the meter itself and the meter data

THE LEGAL OCCUPANT (RENTER OR LANDHOLDER) owns everything else i.e. the wiring, the fuse panel, the metal box and the underlying building structure


Don’t be told that you will have to pay an exorbitant fee for the analogue meter readings or have your electricity cut off, in the event of retaining your old analogue meter.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) oversees matters relating to the transmission and distribution of electricity in Australia. They have already ruled that consumers wanting to retain their old analogue meters in Victoria can do so, at a reasonable cost determined by the AER (NOT BY THE ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTORS OR RETAILERS).

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