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Why is the proposed 5G rollout being called an EXTINCTION EVENT by opponents?

And when I say opponents, I am talking about highly regarded doctors, scientists and signatories to extraordinary 2017 documents such as the 5G APPEAL (180 scientists and doctors, including several Australian signatories), and the INTERNATIONAL APPEAL TO STOP 5G ON EARTH AND IN SPACE.


On a more local level, councils throughout the world are attempting to stop the installation of 5G cell transmitters. All are upset that federal authorities control the 5G antenna installations despite the fact that the council owns the land on behalf of the residents. Here is a small sampler of government, court and council-driven campaigns:

  • Portland Oregon City, 24 march 2019 mayor and 2 commissioners opposed 5G installation
  • Florence Italy and Roman Distric XII, 28 march 2019, advocated the precautionary principle, and were critical of ICNIRP contradictions
  • Brussells 1 April 2019 Environment minister Celine Fremault halted 5G plans “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt”.
  • Netherlands House of Representatives demanded research 4 April 2019
  • California Supreme Court Justices unanimously insisted on permits for 5G small cell antennas infrastructure 5 april 2019
  • German parliament is ready to suspend 5G rollout based on petition saying “scientifically justified doubts about the safety of this technology”, 8 April 2019
  • Switzerland’s 3rd largest region called for a moratorium on 5G, 9 April while 4 major regions representing 1.5 million citizens, called for a stop (failed, over-ruled by Telcos who simply bypassed it by upgrading existing antenna for 4G (20 April 2019)
  • Geneva declared a moratorium and called on WHO to do independent research for harmful effects, 11 April 2019
  • The Blue Mountains, Australia: Katoomba council voted unanimously to acknowledge serious community concerns over the coming rollout of 5G technology. Mayor Mark Greenhill promised to write to various government ministers for more information
  • Ryde, Sydney: Spokesperson Sue Cappadonna collected signatures from 100 residents of Ryde to remove small cell 4G antennas (later to be upgraded to 5G technology). She said ‘We don’t want it here, it causes us great anxiety that this thing is going to be running 24/7”.


5G is the 5th generation wireless communication network, coming on the heels of 4G LTE, our current technology. 1G gave us voice only, 2G gave us voice and text. 3G didn’t appear until 20 years later, giving us data for websites and emails. 4G gave us faster data and more calls simultaneously. 4G LTE is essentially the same as 4G but using a higher frequency of 2-8 GHz, as opposed to the 1.8-2.5 GHz of 3G.

2G through to 4G LTE Cell Towers have a constant ambient baseline for their 800-1000 Watt-beams i.e. they transmit in one direction from left to right –for example – 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock. As lower frequencies, they are considered centimetre wavelengths, and as such, can easily pass through buildings and foliage in the split-second journey from tower to mobile phone or wireless device and back again.

In other words, 2G – 4G transmitters have 1 single antenna – from the Cell Tower – broadcasting over a wide area.


Since the consumer switch from personal computers to mobile phones for daily data consumption, the 4G Cell Towers are apparently stretched to the limit. So the grand plan from the telecommunications companies is to initiate 5G technology, to work alongside the existing 4G.

5G will initially use the current 4G infrastructure but the bizzare jump from centimetre waves to millimetre waves requires new mini Cell Towers in ‘phased arrays’ every 2-10 homes within the urban areas. This is because the higher frequencies of 5G, from 6 GHz – 100 GHz, although having a latency speed measured in milliseconds, will not be able to penetrate buildings and foliage, as the lower <10 GHZ frequencies do.

So far, I’m describing the Earth base stations for 5G technology! These small cell antennas will be arranged in phased arrays, every 2-10 homes apart, emitting 30,000 Watts per 100 MHz of Radiofrequency spectrum. 5G will emit frequencies 100 x higher than the current 4G lower frequencies.

What’s more, they will not be restricted to the 10 o’clock – 2 o’clock constant ambient baseline of beam. They will be BEAM-FORMED i.e. focused, steerable, laser-like beams that track each other in all directions. There will be ricocheting and an aggregation effect from so many Cell Towers going in so many directions simultaneously.


4G Cell Towers currently have an average of 12 ports whereas the 5G mini Cell transmitters will have 100 ports in what is technically described as MIMO, Many Inputs, Many Outputs for the following proposed purposes:

1) higher data transferNappy IoT

2) driverless cars

3) The Internet of things IoT (the nappy image shows a wireless transmitter being attached to the baby’s nappy to detect when it is ‘dirty’ and needs changing!)

4) faster video downloads

5) military applications.

An example of MIMO is the planned 5G mobile phone that will have dozens of tiny antennas sending out narrowly focused beams towards the nearest cell tower less than 25 feet from the home. Back and forth will ricochet these steerable beams for quick video downloads in seconds – not minutes – per 1000 people per metre.


5G wavelengths will not penetrate buildings, and it is not feasible to put a satellite under the roof of a building. The roof would block the higher GHz wavelengths. So there are plans to launch 20,000 satellites into Space to help the 5G beam-formed signals get through buildings.

Let me repeat that for you:


The Space satellites will emit 5 million Watts from the thousands of antennas.

Signatories from the THE 5G APPEAL document object to the ‘massive increase of MANDATORY EXPOSURE to wireless radiation’. There will literally be no place on Earth to escape the 5G EMF wireless radiation!


Meanwhile the plans for driverless cars and suchlike will create 10-20 billion antenna connections among the IoT fridges, washing machines, surveillance cameras, self-driving cars and buses, nappies etc.


In Australia, OPTUS has been contracted to rollout the new 5G Home Broadband Package while Telstra has partnered with Samsung to rollout 5G Mobile Phones.


All the 5G research has been thus far conducted in a laboratory. Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled BIG WIRELESS agents about the research in a U.S. Senate Hearing, only to find that the telcos had put aside $0 for research into safety. He was appalled to discover that – despite investing a phenomenal amount of money into 5G already – there were no independent studies on the health and safety risks!


The 2020 planned Space deployment of 20,000 transmitting satellites into the ionosphere has prompted robust discussion of the Schumann Resonance.

The Schumann Resonance is a finely tuned resonance in the D-layer of the electrically charged ionosphere in Space, that is tuned to 7.83 Hz, the same as our Hearts (7.83 Hz) and Brains (8-12 Hz). This Schumann Resonance will be disrupted by the digital interference of 5G satellite technology.

Devastating health effects could involve lowered Melatonin – affecting sleep, mood, cognitive ability and energy. The Magnetite in the Brain – normally protective in the presence of Radiation – would be adversely affected. The magnetite functions of Haemoglobin-binding may be affected. Calcium leakage from Radiation damage – especially in the Blood/Brain barrier – would allow in free radicals and toxins. Oxidative damage to Neurons is a possibility.

John Patterson, a leading Australian radiation expert and activist, says that the digital disruption to the Schumann Resonance may potentially affect the spin of polarity of the body’s cells. ‘The body is like a spinning top charged through nature’s fields and waves.’

He says Radiation enters our bodies in the same way that light enters our bodies, through our eyes and skin, radiation entering the eyes assisting synchronisation and timing of the brain to the body, and conversely radiation entering the skin assisting time and synchronisation from body organs to the brain.

There is – understandably – huge international disquiet about the unknown effects of 5G technology.

Even weather satellites may be disrupted by having to share the radio spectrum band of 1675-1680 MHz band with 5G satellites in Space. US Weather Meteorologists are loudly demanding protection limits from NASA.

Page 1 of the THE 5G APPEAL document – drafted by scientists and doctors – declares, ‘Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals’. It is a horror scenario, a potential EXTINCTION EVENT, a catastrophe, an obscenity, a brazen step too far!


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