D-Day approaches for Qld Smart Meter Refusals

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Several urgent emails have reached me in the past week, seeking advice on how to refuse the smart meters threatened for installation by the end of August in the Brisbane area.

It’s not an easy thing to do, to lock out an insistent Energex meter installer in the surrounds of your own home or office, in a way that feels un-cooperative to society. But let me remind you that the original brief – as outlined in the Victorian Auditor-General’s report of  2015 – was to replace accumulation meters (analogue meters) with interval meters. Somewhere between the 2004 Essential Services Commission’s decision to mandate the rollout of interval meters and the 2006 program announcement of  a rollout of 2-way communication ‘smart’ digital meters, there was persuasion by industry and a plethora of vested interests. As the Auditor-General’s report states, there was no consultation with the public, ill-prepared cost analyses and no explanation of the sudden departure from the original brief of providing manually read interval meters.

Both industry and government were blinded by the $ signs…

No long-term health studies have been done for these digital meters – they have been here for 5 minutes in the total scheme of things. There is enough doubt to warrant an immediate halt to these powerful 2-way radio transmitters being positioned in everyone’s homes and offices. Please forward this article onto anyone you care about, especially vulnerable children, babies, elderly and sick people who may be more susceptible to Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation effects and long-term irreversible sensitivity.

For the 11 steps to refuse a smart meter go to http://www.detoxonline.com.au/11-steps-refuse-smart-meters-brisbane-month/ .

For a sample of the Notice letter, go to http://www.detoxonline.com.au/copy-this-smartdigital-meter-refusal-notice-and-send-to-agl/

For a sample of the REFUSAL sticker to accompany your securely locked meter box, go to http://www.detoxonline.com.au/refusal-notices-meter-box/

3 Responses to D-Day approaches for Qld Smart Meter Refusals

  1. Christine January 2, 2017 at 12:57 am #

    Hello, I have just come across your article as only here, 1am in Lorne, Victoria, having just woken with a horrible feeling of vibrating/buzzing throughout my body and particularly, my right ear and head, and a terrible headache. There is a smart meter located right behind the bedroom wall. Im on holiday from Melbourne and wanted to ‘escape’ to the beachside town and the terrible symptoms I’ve been experiencing back home, but of course it’s just as bad here….
    EVER SINCE THEY INSTALLED SMART METERS IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD beginning of 2013, I have ‘heard’ a horrible buzzing or vibrating feeling in my ear and head and and heart palpitations. I’m o my in my 30’s and extremely healthy. In 2014 I had a baby and was even more sensitive to the ‘noise’. Often, I would walk into the house and have to immediately leave the house to go for a drive to get some peace from the sensations. Terrible!! I’d be in tears. My husband can hear it too, but it seems I’m. Ore sensitive. Rooms which are facing neaighbours mwters are the worst. When I visit others, I can hear the meter as I approach the front door or usuallly in the car while I pull up in their driveway.
    Things got so bad in 2014- lack of sleep, getting very hot at night (even on cold nights- is this the microwave effecting me? Microwaves excite the water molecules inside an object to cause them to heat up- human body is largely water!) and the constant pulsing ‘noise’ that I contacted a large professional, national noise pollution investigation company to investigate the noise. Something they advised was “With regard to electrical interference there are some studies that indicate electromagnetic waves such as microwaves and radiowaves create an auditory response (i.e. they induce the ear to hear sounds not actually there in acoustic terms).” This made me realise, what I ‘hear’ in my ear, is actually my eardrum vibrating from this low frequency pulsing. I can put my finger or an ear plug in my ear, and the pulsing noise/vibrating/buzzing feeling completely stops. As soon as I take the plug out it starts up again. It is an external ‘noise’, not in my head. I have seen an audiologist, and my hearing is perfect. I don’t hear high pitched ringing. The noise is not there when I am in a large shopping centre or away from close proximity to smart meters. It is not constant, but frequent enough, and always around 1- 3:30am the worst. It is rare that it ceases, but when it does, 8t is completely quiet and I get some much needed relief. It is pulsed and sounds very low buzzing pulse. It is worse in rooms facing neighbour’s smart meters.
    When we travelled to port Douglas yearly or NSW country to visit family, I would NEVER hear it!!! Such sweet relief. Sadly, unnoticed the samenoise upon our last visit this year, and sure enough, I discovered they’d installed smart meters.
    My mother and sister can also hear similar noise ‘buzzing, humming’ at night. So can my hubby. It’s not tinnitus. It started when they were installed in my nieghbourhood, dissapeared when I travelled to places that didn’t have them.
    I am very concerned about the future….for everybody’s sake.
    I don’t have a smart meter on my home- thanks to the pervious owner leaving a ‘stop do not install smart meter’ sign inside the old analogue meter box- thank god! But we still get the fallout from the neighbours close proximity, and now when I’m away at the holiday house.
    I really don’t know what to do, as doctors seem to be unable to help? unless smart meter technology is removed I don’t see a positive future for me, and other sufferers, which is very concerning. Feeling very helpless and over this…

  2. Lorikeet February 5, 2018 at 7:18 am #

    I opted out online but AGL still installed a digital meter at my house last week when I was out. They said that the state government had overruled my refusal, as all meter replacements had to be digital. The state government website appears to bear this out.

  3. Lorikeet February 5, 2018 at 7:21 am #

    This was at the end of January, and I live just outside the Brisbane city limits, so clearly the D-Day has already passed for some of us. I am less than 1 km from Brisbane.

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