OPT-OUT of digital smart meters in Q, NSW and SA before it’s too late!

digital meter opt out

No mention of an OPT-OUT

Act urgently if you are EMF-aware and DO NOT WANT A SMART METER thrust upon you in the next few weeks! AGL and other electricity suppliers are blitzing the states of Qld, NSW and SA. While insisting that it is not mandatory, AGL and co. are leaving it up to the consumer to reply forcefully to their letter being sent out with an OPT-OUT response by mail, phone or email within a week or 2 of receipt of the letter (assuming you get the letter and they acknowledge your opt-out submission)! We are in untested waters…

A consumer from Brisbane recently wrote into this blog, saying that AGL had insisted he need an upgrade of the board behind his meter. He was suspicious and when his own Electrician inspected the chipboard, he reported there was nothing wrong with it! This is exactly the type of pretext that may be used to enforce a digital smart meter ‘upgrade’ if you are not wary. As an added precaution, you should lock up your meter box to avoid any problems in the coming month – see my blog on how to do that.

Judging from past experiences of skullduggery – see the Victorian Attorney-General’s damning audit report¬†http://www.audit.vic.gov.au/publications/20150916-Smart-Meters/20150916-Smart-Meters.html – you should be vigilant for all sorts of promises regarding the cost benefits that simply cannot be realised. John Doyle’s comprehensive audit from the Victorian Government concludes that the Victorian smart meter experience was an extremely costly one for Victorian consumers (costing the taxpayer 2.2 billion $ to subsidise the meter change) with a deplorable lack of consumer education about how to maximise any benefits. It ignored the fact that, overall, consumers prefer a fixed rate for their electricity usage. They do not want the ‘flexible pricing’ model whereby a mini radio-station is plonked next to their living rooms beaming out radio signals of usage every few minutes to save them and the electricity companies a few $.

This whole phenomenon started when the government asked corporations about an ‘interval’ meter reading, to save the costs associated with manual meter-reading. Unfortunately the ‘interval’ meter concept quickly transmuted into the ‘digital’ meter concept, without a full cost analysis or community consultation or a long-term health risk analysis.

The public have paid $2.2 billion to subsidise the smart meter rollout in Victoria and any savings have just gone straight back to the power companies who got to sack all the meter readers. The digital smart meters are like radios – they transmit all the data, without the need for meter reading. The problem is that anything that transmits like a radio is highly radioactive and it transmits all day and night without any let-up. Residents are getting 24/7 non-ionising radiation at unacceptably high levels. Don’t regret this, after the fact. Act now to lock up your meter box and be proactive in opting out of the so-called non-mandatory digital meter upgrade.

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  1. Thomas October 29, 2018 at 6:39 pm #

    Just another money grab from corrupt politicians who have no concern for our health and privacy. Sack the bastards

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