RADIATION: France bans wi-fi in daycare centres

France bans wi-fi in schools

France bans wi-fi in schools

In January this year, France banned wi-fi in all daycare centres, in recognition of the damage done to any child under 3. Unfortunately this ban did not extend to the primary schools and high schools or the public, though it is heading in the right direction to protect children from harmful EMF radiation.

Meanwhile in good old Queensland, the education department is pushing for greater wireless connectivity, not less! The department plans to use dual-band 2.4GHz and 5 GHz spectrums – in order to support a minimum of 30 wireless devices per access point in its schools!

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Has anyone ever tested the EMF radiation from a mobile phone or wireless laptop? Using a Radio Frequency (RF) tester, I found 2000 microwatts per square metre (2000 u W/m2).

1-10 microwatts per square metre is the safe health standard set in Austria and many European countries, not to mention The Australian College of Environmental Sciences!


Australia has seen fit – much to the delight of industry – to raise the public exposure ‘safe’ limit so ridiculously high that an EMF level of 4.5 million microwatts is deemed quite acceptable to anyone living close to a 4G mobile base station tower. It’s hard to know where to start the public awareness campaign…

The above video entitled Casualty Catastrophe – Cell Phones and Child Brains: the truth seeker – RT News shows some highly disturbing information that likens mobile phone use to the asbestos and tobacco industry insurance debacle, only much worse!

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