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  1. PERSONAL: Acute weeping eczema on my left ankle following a Hepatitis B vaccination in 1989, lasting 20 years till my 50th birthday in 2009. Family members can attest to the difficulties I had treating this successfully (which I did, finally, using Chinese Herbs).
  2. HEALTH: Coeliac condition diagnosed medically in 2013, resulting in multiple food intolerances every time I am in contact with chemicals (Antibiotics, Methyl-Iso-Thiazolinone in paint, handwash, detergent, etc etc).
  3. IMMUNITY: I also have Hashimotos, an Auto Immune disease whereby Antibodies are constantly attacking my Thyroid gland. I now know from my research that those same antibodies are also attacking other organs: the Brain, the Heart, the Eyes etc. Despite my best lifestyle interventions, those Antibodies are unabated. The last thing I want to do is to worsen them by introducing a dubious vaccine concoction into my Blood and Cells.
  4. PROFESSIONAL: I have treated numerous (bitterly upset) patients with devastating recalcitrant side effects from vaccinations, those side effects ranging from Acute painful Arthritis to Auto Immune Diseases such as Hashimotos.
  5. PROFESSIONAL RESPECT: I have treated 1000s of patients over the course of a 40-year career as an integrative TCM practitioner. I have been in continuous clinical practice, updating my knowledge and expertise annually.
  6. RESEARCH: I do a lot of research ranging from educational webinars to peer-reviewed articles to blogs. My research so far has indicated that viral vaccines are not as effective as the bacterial vaccines. The research also shows that antibody protection – such as in vaccines – is short-lived compared to T-Cell protection which really should be the focus of all Covid research. Note: Antibodies attack the virus whereas T-Cells attack the cell that has been penetrated by the virus.
  7. GLOBAL PANIC: I understand from my research that there is an aggressive global push towards Vaccines due to a rising panic – even before Covid – due to the failing nature of Antibiotics. There are strains of bacteria that are becoming more and more resistant to the ‘magic’ of Antibiotics (think MRSI Multiple Resistant Staph Infections).
  8. LONGEVITY: This is an understandable panic, as our longevity has only been made possible since the 1945 introduction of these powerful Antibiotics. Now the global panic has reached new levels with Covid, a deadly virus. Viruses cannot be treated with Antibiotics, and they tend to live in the body until death, sequestered in the spinal fluid (think Herpes, Epstein Barr virus and the Common Cold).
  9. CIVIL LIBERTIES: But this panic shoud not be dictating an erroneous course of action that denies us our civil liberties especially in regard to what we deem acceptable and safe to put in our own personal bodies! This sets up a dangerous legal precedent to continue on that path with other dictations.
  10. INFLAMMATION: We now know that Covid flourishes in inflamed bodies (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular anomalies). Why are we not addressing these systemic health issues? Will this poor immunity situation continue on, after the vaccine has been administered? Is the vaccine propping up these systemic health issues, even in the face of global concerns about Antibiotics failing fast and potential future viral releases?
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  11. WORK ETHIC: Is the vaccine propping up the work ethic that dominates our society to the exclusion of all else (i.e. health and environment and animals)? Can we actually learn something about a good work/life balance in the face of corporate priorities, from this global virus?
  12. MEDIA HYPE: Why is the media so insistent on blatantly presenting one side of this debate? Why does the media aggressively push the pro-vaccine agenda? Is the media aiming to inflame and provoke viewers for a corporate-based agenda?
  13. MEDIA STAGMATISM: Why does the media want to stigmatise anyone who fears and therefore opposes mandatory vaccinations?
  14. FEAR IS AN ASSAULT: Even perceived FEAR is an assault according to section 75 of the Queensland Criminal Code Act (1889)! Anyone ignoring the sincere concerns of people opposed to vaccines, due to fears of biological impacts, is ASSAULTING them!
  15. The PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE: Furthermore, everyone is entitled to apply the Precautionary Principle . It is encoded in all legislative frameworks of our country. The Precautionary Principle (UNESCO definition) says the following:


    48762880 - medical science and scientific research abstract background


  16. SUSPICION: Suspicion is not a bad thing when it comes to hastily thought out public policies that deliberately stigmatise a minority group (in this case, those opposed to a mandatory vaccination program).
  17. SUBSTANTIATE EMOTIVE ARGUMENTS: Those people who feel confident enough to attack and vilify vaccine opponents on the basis of ‘collective harm to others’ have never substantiated this highly EMOTIVE claim. Show us the peer-reviewed independent scholarly articles proving that personal refusal to vaccinate endangers the whole of society? Convince us in the same way you insist we convince you!
  18. RESPECT FOR OTHERS: It all boils down to respect and courtesy in the end. Why is the right to express an opinion granted only to the pro-vaccination proponents? Why should that right be withheld from the anti-vaccination contingent?
  19. JOBSEEKER/JOBKEEPER should be renamed STAY-AT-HOME ALLOWANCES: On the whole, Australians have been wonderful in looking after the collective good by foregoing their jobs to ‘stay at home’ during this ongoing Covid outbreak! This act of goodwill has left many of them vulnerable and without an income. Jobseeker and Jobkeeper are fair payments from the public purse of a wealthy country, designed to act as ‘stay-at-home’ allowances, even though the government of the day insists on retaining a certain language and attitude that does not fit with these new stay-at-home incentive payments!
  20. JOBSEEKER/JOBKEEPER MANIPULATION: How disappointing that our Prime Minister thinks it’s okay to manipulate people on Jobseeker or Jobkeeper to his personal agenda of mandatory vaccination! He has a captive audience of income-vulnerable individuals who have sacrificed their personal ideals for the good of the country! Now he is threatening to withdraw that payment – even though the individuals on it may have lost their once-secure jobs forever – if they do not comply with his personal preference for the epidemiologically untested – time-wise and scale-wise – Covid vaccine. It has certainly NOT passed the Bradford Hill criteria, by cross-referencing many different types of research methodology to fully satisfy safety requirements!
  21. FRIEND AGAINST FRIEND: The whole scenario is tipped to split Australian society right down the middle. The more the media hypes it up in the coming months – which is guaranteed – the more likely it is to pit friend against friend, relative against relative.
  22. MINORITIES FIGHT BACK: I, for one, am no stranger to being in a minority. I work in an unsupported health profession where Allied health practitioners do a weekend course and are allowed to use the term Acupuncture for their ‘Dry needling’ (my earned title after 4 years and 1000 hrs of TCM practice, not theirs), and I’m a Coeliac who experiences scorn in social situations from emotionally reactive people who are ignorant about this subject etc. I will utilise all my skills and energy to retain my rights.
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