Rebuttal to 4 Corners APPALLING 5G program!


ABC recently aired a program on ABC TV entitled The Truth About 5G. It would have been more accurate if it was entitled ‘The Lies About 5 G” and they could have followed it up with a program on all the vested interests represented in this appalling piece of so-called ‘journalism’.

I grew up revering the high standards of 4 Corners journalists but no more…

What happened? Did the journo-in-charge think to himself or herself, “Oh gee, I don’t actually know anything about 5G”, having glibly accepted 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Smart Meters, and wireless household products of all descriptions, all these years.

So who did they ring to get interviews?

  • Paul Fletcher, Communications Minister, also ex-OPTUS senior executive
  • Chairman of ICNIRP, the American Radiation safety standard body that Australia follows, THE BODY THAT HAS NOMINATED 10,000 micro-Watts per square meter as a ‘safe’ level of non-ionising EMF Radiation when lots of other credible Scientists, Doctors, Researchers and Legislative bodies – worldwide – advise 10 micro-Watts as the safe limit!
  • Chairman of ICNIRP, charged with looking after safety standards, certainly not qualified to talk about the medical and biological effects of those safety standards.
  • Former Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, who has no well-known, reputable publications on the subject of biological switch-on effects of EMF RAdiation.

Oh, and yes, who did they decide to deride and scorn in their program?

  • Some grassroots EMF resistance groups, containing sincerely motivated and well-researched individuals with a genuine concern for public health.
  • And lumped in with other more fringe-dwelling protest movements to make them look less than credible.

Aust on planet pic radiant

And what did they omit to say, in their so-called fact-finding program?

  1. The International EMF Scientists Appeal to Stop 5G
  2. Signed by 1000s of Scientists and Doctors from 45 countries
  3. Who, unlike Brendan Murphy, do have peer-reviewed scholarly publications on the subject of both Thermal and Non-Thermal ‘WiFi’ injury 
  4. These Scientists are extremely worried about the cumulative effects of 3G, 4G, and 5G
  5. They are worried that 5G has never been tested for safety, not even in the lab
  6. They are worried about the 60 GHz millimetre beam-formed wavelengths of 5G
  7. They are worried about the 20,000 + satellites in Space’s thermosphere, interfering with the Schumanns resonance, the harmonic tuning fork of the planet and all lifeforms
  8. These Scientists are calling the rollout of 5G AN EXTINCTION EVENT.

And what do we get from 4 Corners: an ex Big-Wireless executive, an American con-man, and a whole lot of facile nonsense that displays the complete ignorance – or laziness – of the 4 Corners journalists?

Or is it complete cynicism on the part of the program? If so, how sad!

If you agree about the poor quality of this program, and the missed opportunity to really delve into the truth about 5G, please watch the below linked presentation:


Rebutting ABC 4-Corners_The Truth About 5G

then use the below link to write your complaint to ABC in no uncertain terms:

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