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SMART METER WATCH: How to lock up your Analogue Meters!

Meter collation


1       50,000 micro Watts of unprecedented health misery, coming on 1st July!

The scariest thing about smart meters is the DNA damage to our cells from 50,000 micro Watts per square metre of non-ionising radiation.

The Australian College of Environmental Science recommends the safe exposure limit in the home to be 10 micro Watts per square metre. Our bodies cannot be effectively shielded from the non-ionising radiation of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) and all we can do is avoid large and prolonged exposures to it. As a practitioner specialising in Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, I am in the vanguard of health professionals trying to deal with symptoms like acute migraines, insomnia, fibromyalgia, anxiety, memory loss, attention deficits and heart irregularities, symptoms of high oxidative stress that have sprung up in a random way since the infiltration of smart meters across our land.

2       No means NO!

Meanwhile the second scary thing about smart meters is the aggressive bullying tactics used by the electrical companies to force these digital meters upon every household – ignoring the spoken and written wishes of concerned residents – to sneak behind their backs while they are out, to install them regardless! Many installers will say it is an ‘upgrade’, not a smart meter installation!

Here are some excerpts taken from http://stopsmartmeters.com.au:

Nathan April 2014

Sp aust is pushing hard to put in a meter at our house, saying that they are mandatory. I have ignored them for a while, letters, installers (showed them our box with trespass letter) now we are getting constant phone recorded messages. What is the latest legally? Is it mandatory as they say?
Who can help me?
We do not want one.
Can they cut our power off for not installing?

Linda May 2014

Just letting you know I had a phone call from SPAusnet this morning who rang to make an appointment to install a Smart Meter. I politely stated that I didn’t want a meter and the lady very politely said OK that would be noted and my name taken off the list and I wouldn’t be contacted again. However, she needed to read me a disclaimer which basically said SP Ausnet reserves the right to charge the very small number of people that are refusing a Smart Meter extra to have their meters read manually. She couldn’t give me any more details. Seems what ever they charge it is a small price to pay. I will however, continue to keep my meter box locked.

Lucy June 2014

I have signs on my front fence and on my meter box with a Perspex window so they can read my meter. I’m 33wk pregnant and was aware of a car in my driveway. I ask the man to leave who was starting to fit a “smart meter” toy house. When I told him I have signs and it’s private property he refused to leave and told me my signs meant nothing. I called the police. I told him to get off my private property again and he refused to leave again. What else can I do to stop this happening again if my signs and demand to leave my property mean nothing. Please help.

Nenad March 2015

My friend just called me to tell me that they have forcefully installed a smart meter on his property. They went past the padlock, ignored all the signs and there were numerous of them. Naturally he is very upset and would like some advice what to do. He is very concerned about the health of his little children.

3       Hiding behind a so-called government mandate

The third scary thing is the state-by-state rollout of these things under the guise of a government mandate to ‘improve energy and surveillance’ on a global scale. Electricity, Water and Gas meters are being converted to Smart meters as part of the Global Smart Grid Federation Project in most countries of the world.

The smart meter records consumption of electric energy, gas or water in minute detail via 200,000 radio signals per day. But a major appeal of the smart meter to the corporate providers is its ability to transmit operational commands back to the meter e.g. to autonomously shut down power, limit the consumer’s usage or to interact with the new breed of Bluetooth home appliances, for greater central control and consumer usage data.

Smart Meter EMF Radiation gloabl proliferation

4       Learning from the bitter Victorian experience 

The fourth scary thing is that they are now heading for Qld, NSW, SA and Tasmania – as early as 1st July – after completely microwaving the whole state of Victoria with a mandatory Smart Grid rollout that was completed early this year. The Victorian experience has been a bitter one! Almost 3 million smart meters have been forced upon Victorian householders in the past 6 years using disgraceful tactics of bullying, cajoling and deceiving consumers.

Victorians have been so incensed by the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and their corporate determination to install The Landis & Gyr E350 and the iCredit500 meters, that they have formed a new political party called PEOPLE POWER VICTORIA www.peoplepowervictoria.org.au to dismantle and stop distribution of these smart meters on the grounds of health, privacy and billing issues, in that order.

Electrical companies in Queensland and South Australia have conducted trials in preparation for full-scale installation while New South Wales and Tasmania plan to phase in the smart meters by “customer demand” via a new range of smart appliances that cannot fully function unless connected to a Home Area Network (HAN) via the 2.4GHz ZigBee module embedded within each smart meter, thereby forcing consumers to accept the smart meters out of necessity.

      Everyone is Electro-Hypersensitive 

This is the penultimate scary thing. We all sit somewhere on the Electro-Hypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) spectrum, and continued massive exposure from smart meters will increase this syndrome especially in the most vulnerable i.e. babies, children, the aged, the immune-deficient. Back in 2012, the Medical Association of Austria predicted that 3% of the population had severe symptoms, 35% had mild to moderate symptoms – such that they were not aware of the connection – and 50% were on target to be electro-hypersensitive by 2017!

Once our cells are damaged, leading to an array of degenerative conditions, it is hard work to fix them again, especially in the light of genetic DNA damage. An American molecular oncologist posted this warning in June this year,

‘There is another aspect of wireless smart meters that also poses grave concerns: their massive rollout, along with the unchecked proliferation of telecommunication towers and WiMAX services, has produced unprecedented levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation in urban areas. Signals of this general type have been found to cause serious biological effects including DNA damage, depressed levels of sleep-regulating melatonin, altered heart rates, opiate-dopamine neurotransmitter disruptions and leakage of the protective blood-brain barrier.’

From my clinical experience, Electro-Hypersensitivity Syndrome involves a smorgasbord of 6 major cell damages: direct DNA damage, Thyroid dysfunction, Food intolerances and Intestinal Permeability, Oestrogen dominance syndrome, Heavy Metal accumulation and ‘switched on’ Methyl Cycle Gene defects www.celldetoxonline.com.au/6-cell-damages.

Health professionals are racing to keep up, with no historic manuals to guide them!


The good news for the 4 target states is that there is still time to lock up your analogues and spread the word to neighbours, friends and family members. It’s not enough to deal with your own meter. It’s imperative that the word gets out far and wide because you can still be ‘cooked’ by your neighbour’s smart meter due to the meter’s faceplate reflecting out much of the 50,000 micro Watt signal. Getting the word out is especially important for residents who live in densely populated urban areas or in apartment blocks!

direction of smart meter radiation

Warn your neighbours, fast!












The best news is you have common law rights as landowners and occupants, to LOCK UP YOUR ANALOGUE METERS and resist a smart meter installation. You have to take pre-emptive action though, because a smart meter is difficult and costly to remove once it is installed. The electrical companies will simply refuse, as they have done following the Victorian consumer backlash.


But before outlining the legal and logistic considerations, I want to go straight to the heart of the matter.


The best answer is to these two pertinent questions is to look at the Victorian example. There is a very interesting government website http://www.smartmeters.vic.gov.au/about-smart-meters/end-of-rollout with this one vital encouraging sentence,

‘From April 2015, for the small number of customers who continue to refuse a smart meter, electricity distributors will be able to recover the costs associated with running a separate meter reading service from those customers’.

Here is the full excerpt:

Manual meter fee

Under new regulations made by the Victorian Government, the costs associated with the manual meter reading of ‘older style’ meters may be recovered separately by an electricity distributor through a manual meter fee. The manual meter fee may be charged from 1 April 2015, and will apply to premises that do not have a smart meter because the distributor has not been granted access to install a meter. For example, where a customer has expressly refused a smart meter or has not provided access to allow a smart meter to be installed. This fee will continue to be in place until the electricity distributor is able to gain access and install the smart meter at the premises.

How much will the manual meter fee be?

The amount of the manual meter fee will reflect the cost of continuing to provide manual meter reading services to premises that do not have a smart meter (for example, the cost of visiting the site to read the meter). The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) must approve the amount of a manual meter fee before it is charged, to determine it is set at a reasonable level, and that it is cost reflective.

So in Victoria, the state government has legislated to allow the electrical distributors to charge a manual meter fee for householders retaining their analogue meters in a sea of smart meters. But that fee is, mercifully, set and reviewed by the Australian Energy Regulator.

Meanwhile Victorian householders who wish to get rid of their smart meters have changed electrical companies and effectively grouping together to find electrical contractors who will do the job. They are also sourcing discounted ‘electromechanical’ analogue meters that do not contain radio – avoiding the continuous radiation generation  – and that do not have switch-mode power supply (SMPS), capable of recording or transmitting private electricity use in the home.

Those gutsy Victorians who have resisted the smart meter invasion are to be congratulated and thanked. They have provided other Australians with logistics and hope.


So who owns what? The electrical distributor owns the electricity provided by the electrical retailer. The distributor also owns the meter itself and the meter data. Everything else: the wiring, the fuse panel, the metal box, and underlying building structure belongs to the landowner or legal occupant (renter).

Unfortunately there is a legal argument that by accepting electricity from your provider, there is ‘implied consent’ to the smart meter installation by the consumer. So before your electrical retailer arrives at your doorstep to do a so-called ‘upgrade’, aka smart meter installation, you need to take several important steps to cover your legal rights.

  1. Identify your electrical distributor. It should be nominated on the retail provider’s website. For example, if your retailer is AGL, go to their website and enter your area postcode on the electricity-distributor-lookup-tool and a name like Energex will come up, with contact details.
  2. Send a signed legal notice to both your retailer – in this example, AGL – and your distributor – in this example, Energex. Send the letter by registered post and state that you actively withdraw your consent to the smart meter installation on the grounds of health, privacy, fire and billing concerns.
  3. Cite as many legal and scientific arguments as possible. For instance you could argue that all medical procedures involving ‘microwave therapy’ require informed consent! Here is a generic refusal letter template: http://www.emraware.com.documents/GENERIC-Smart_Meter_Refusal_Letter.docx.
    The PDF version is included at the end of this blog (before the references).

Once you have completed these vital 3 steps, and can produce registered post evidence of your legal letters, the liability shifts to the meter installer who becomes liable for ‘wilful avoidance’ on the part of your request, should he/she go ahead and try to install the meter against your wishes.


Remember the meter box is your property so you can protect it from trespass without breaking any laws. You just have to be mindful to make the meter data – which belongs to the electrical distributor – accessible to the technician. You should take a photo of your existing analogue meter and securely lock your meter box with a substantial padlock. This signifies your common law right against trespass. You have the right to resist having your possessions modified, devalued or damaged without consent.

Place a STOP sign on your meter box to indicate your wishes. Here is a sticker example from http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk:

STOP smart meter sign UK
There are many inventive ways to lock up your analogue meter so that the meter dial is still readable to the meter reader. You might opt for a separate metal box with a secure lock bracket or you might wish to cover the whole box with secure transparent Perspex. You could opt for a mixture of a locked metal box and perspex window over the analogue meter itself. You could just attach metal bars to the underlying building in such a way that the meter can be read but not removed. Just make sure it is locked securely. The best heavy-duty lock is a ‘cut-proof’ hidden-shackle lock.

It’s a good idea to include your signed and sent legal notices in a plastic sleeve clearly visible next to the locked up meter box. If your electrical provider argues that you are denying access to the meter, you can reply with the response, “You can access your meter, just don’t trespass any of my property”. Even in the face of repeated incursions onto your property and a stream of threatening letters, just remember your common law rights and the solidarity of others who have pursued the same course worldwide.


Householders with solar power should be warned that even if the smart meter is removed and replaced with storage batteries for a stand-alone power system, there is still the problem of the AC/DC inverter. Though not a microwave device, a solar inverter is highly EMF radioactive! The inverter takes the electricity from the solar panels – direct current DC – and turns it into alternating current AC, ready to be delivered into the household as a sine wave. The wires connected to the inverter act as antennas, so the radiation may be picked up 200 metres away from the inverter. There have been cases where a solar-electric system proved to be a problem for an electrically sensitive person living next door.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the solar power system generates ‘dirty electricity’ and it is hoped that future inverter designs are able to decrease this radiation risk to an acceptable safe level.

There are some exciting storage battery technologies emerging, such as the Tesla brand, that may, in time, allow the householder to use DC electricity without an inverter, and with just a simple charge controller, to prevent the battery burning out and to prevent the reverse flow of electricity back to the solar panels. Certainly consumer demand for a safe, clean and sustainable energy future will drive new technology design!


Victorian residents were taken by surprise but we residents of Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania are fortunate to be forewarned and forearmed in this coming smart meter invasion. When it comes to the actual meter box stand-off, it might seem lonely and scary at the time but just remember there are millions of people, in hundreds of countries all over the world, doing the same thing to reduce the disastrous health effects of these devices.


STOP smart meter sign UK

stop sign trespass 99kb

GENERIC Smart Meter Refusal Letter



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