BARRISTER’S TEMPLATE for stopping 5G in your local area

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I heard Tasmanian Barrister Ray Broomhall speak on a recent 5G Webinar, and was very impressed with his high success rate in preventing 5G installations (and mobile tower installations)! He emphasised that PERCEIVED RISK is as potent as REAL RISK when it comes to our rights NOT TO FEEL FEAR from 5G WiFi exposure (60GHz millimetre beam-formed EMF transmissions and the rest of it!). FEAR, after all, constitutes an ASSAULT under Section 75 of the Criminal Code Act 1889 (Qld)!

He stresses doing your homework properly in this 22-step template: so that, for example, you know whether the objections to the council have expired; what is the level of emission to your home according to a Building Biologist; what are the costs of EMF shielding materials required for protection; where is the nearest EMF MEDICAL SPECIALIST…

This lateral thinking Barrister reminds us that ARPANSA cannot give medical advice, only medical doctors can do that (and only EMF savvy doctors, at that!). And the Precautionary Principle is encoded into our legislative system – we are entitled to utilise it when FEAR is a factor.

Ray’s template is incredibly logical and methodical, and while not being an alternative to legal advice, it is a wonderful underpinning document to consult. Here is the link to the complete set of guiding documents (not light reading, but truly fascinating!).


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