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SUE NELSON: Practitioner

I originally studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 4 years at the Brisbane College of Traditional Acupuncture – now the Endeavour College of Natural Medicine – and loved every minute of it.

My first clinic was in Gympie in 1989 and my current clinic address is the fabulous Mini Studios at Pomona. Having been a front-runner in the Australian Acupuncture profession, I have seen many changes over 3 decades, culminating in government-approved registration by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

I sought my own Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for the same reason that compels every patient: long-standing health issues unresolved by other therapies. In 2000, I consulted Geraldine Newbegin, a popular Gympie Naturopath, and had my first ICL Hair Analysis and accompanying Detox Program, as prescribed by Geraldine, with amazing and dramatic results.

My own research since then has clearly shown me that every therapy,  including both mainstream and complementary, is hard work when the patient is harbouring toxins in every cell. And 20 years worth of Hair Test reviews has shown me that nobody escapes the toxicity of the 21st century.


The use of Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for clinical purposes has existed for over almost 100 years, beginning as a Soil Science.

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy is used to analyse Hair: the perfect biopsy material!
Prior to growth through the scalp, hair is exposed to circulating blood, lymph and intracellular fluids.

Once protruding out of the scalp, the cortex of the hair shaft hardens so that all metabolic information is wonderfully preserved within the shaft.


Blood is a transport system, not a storage system. And as a vital transport system, its drive is towards Homeostasis. In other words, Blood will always strive to be in near-perfect balance.

For example, Calcium levels may be in the normal range in the Blood but the cells – and therefore bones – may be starving of it. Blood will ‘steal’ minerals from the cells to nourish itself.

Similarly Blood will dump Heavy Metals into the cells rather than retain them.

Lead, for example, is undetectable in the blood 30-40 days after known exposure.

If you detect Lead in the Blood, it indicates there is already Liver damage from long-term retention or alternatively there is ongoing exposure.

A Blood test will not give a full picture of the metabolism, and it does not focus on the second-class citizens of the body, the cells!

On the other hand, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis – which can be done on any body tissue but is done on Hair as a readily available, non-invasive and non-expensive test – gives the right interpreter a wealth of information about mineral levels, endocrine ratios and heavy metal priorities at the cellular level.

pic hair-shaft


Dr David L Watts: Mineral Synergies and Antagonisms

After my own induction in Hair testing in 2000, I had the revelation that good lifestyle habits are not enough when the body is sequestering Heavy Metals absorbed from our inevitably toxic world.

I read books and articles written by Dr David L Watts, the consulting physician for Trace Elements Inc. This is a laboratory in Texas that has been Hair Testing for decades for many countries all over the world. Trace Elements Inc. is the company utilised by ICL.

Dr Watts, among other HTMA researchers, has researched the optimum levels for minerals and heavy metals alike, and has arranged these levels in easy-to-read chart formats. The HTMA chart also explores the relationships between minerals, classifying them as either synergistic with, or antagonistic to, each other. For example, Zinc is synergistic with Vitamin C but antagonistic to Copper.

Dr Watts also explores mineral inter-relationships for endocrine interpretations. For example, Calcium stimulates insulin release from the pancreas. Insulin, in turn, increases Calcium retention via the action of Parathyroid Hormone. So a Hair Test chart showing high ratios of Calcium/Potassium (>3:1) and Calcium/Magnesium (>14:1) indicates increased insulin levels.

It is complex but the interpretive markers are there.


Dr Tabrizian: Cellular Blockages from Heavy Metals and Xeno-Oestrogens

Dr Igor Tabrizian, of Perth, builds on the pioneering work done by Dr Watts. His work focuses on the damage done by Heavy Metals and Xeno-Oestrogens.

His research shows the way in which a Heavy Metal blocks the transfer of a mineral into the mitochondria of the cell, leading to damage in two ways: cell starvation of vital nutrients; and the damage done by ‘free-floating’ minerals.

An obvious example is Lead. If there is Excess Lead in the cells, the Lead will block the entry of Calcium by taking up the receptor site. Over a period of time, the locked out Calcium has nowhere to go and there is a recycled stockpile of unbound Calcium. Unfortunately it may end up in Arteries (plaque), the Gall Bladder (gallstones), Kidneys (kidney stones) and Joints (arthritis) or is wasted in urinary excretion, leaving the patient very low in vital Calcium stores.

Successful treatment involves safely clearing the Cells of the excess Lead, encouraging Calcium in the diet, and then – using supplements to nourish the cells with Calcium – while the Cells are receptive to more Calcium, and not blocked with Lead!  This approach will protect the Cells from future Lead exposure. It will also educate the patient so that he or she is more aware of this problem in the future.


Xeno-Oestrogens, Radiation, Food Intolerances and Genetic Defects

There’s a great Chinese saying: You can’t treat modern diseases with ancient cures. This applies not just to ancient systems of medicine like TCM but also to the current dominant Western Medicine paradigm!

All Therapists must quickly learn from the growing body of evidence – yes! peer-reviewed, double-blind placebo evidence – that our longevity is seriously threatened by unprecedented and urgent 21st century health issues. The irony is that the 6 Cell Damages are connected together, in my belief, something which can be seen in a well-interpreted Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

Here’s a scenario:

A girl unknowingly inherited HIGH OESTROGEN from a mother or grandmother who took the Pill for decades, so the girl went on to suffer heavy painful periods in puberty, a sure sign of Oestrogen dominance.

Meanwhile her father was exposed to Cadmium and Mercury before her conception, resulting in the girl being born with low levels of Zinc right from the start.

She suffered from obesity and digestive problems but didn’t understand why, as her diet was reasonable. Her Blood was never tested for Zinc deficiency – despite her numerous symptoms – and even if it was, it would not have shown the seriously depleted Cellular level due to the tendency of Blood homeostasis to pull all available Zinc from the Cells to the Blood.

When she was 14, she insisted on getting her own mobile phone which she used for at least 5 hours every day, exposing her to harmful EMF radiation. The Radiation damaged the Voltage Gated Calcium Channels of all cells but especially her Heart and Nerve Cells. It adversely affected her Calcium stores, her Nerve impulses and her reduced Immunity Lymphocytes. The result was that her Zinc fell lower and lower to the point where she was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease and associated Leaky Gut at the age of 17.

Because of her bad moods and other symptoms , she was finally tested for Pyrroles, a genetic Blood disorder showing a chronic lack of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

Someone convinced her to have a Methyl Cycle Genetic test showing up a COMT gene defect that manifests as poor clearance of Oestrogens from the body.

This girl is clearly a victim of 21st century health problems!

The annual Blood test simply will not cut it! So it makes sense to use diagnostic tests that can pinpoint these hidden dangers in time.

The only good news from the above scenario is that Xeno-Oestrogens and Heavy Metals – once identified in a Hair Test chart – can be readily eliminated with the help of a Detox super-product as well as with minerals and vitamins that are antagonistic to Oestrogen -see the page entitled How It Works.






RADIATION is unavoidable in the modern world. Even if you make the individual choice not to use ‘wireless’ gadgets in your home, office or school, you could still get zapped from other people’s devices or from digital smart metres or mobile towers permeating the atmosphere.

FOOD INTOLERANCES are multi-factorial and complex, requiring intensive detoxing, dietary changes and nutrient supplementation.

GENETIC DEFECTS are just there from birth, perhaps more and more so with each succeeding toxic generation! But with care – regular detoxes and nutrient balancing – you may avoid ‘switching them on’. Genetic testing should not be scary. On the contrary, it will help show you how to manage the defects that are causing the most trouble.




After years of using the traditional chelating agents that take 2 years to excrete Heavy Metals and Xeno-Oestrogens, I have found a new wonder supplement called Zeolite. The main advantage is that Zeolite – made from the negatively charged volcanic mineral clay called Clinoptilolite – can detox all Heavy Metals in 3 months, on average, rather than 2 years! Also it does not drain vital minerals or damage the Liver and Kidneys in the chelation process.

It is safe to use, and cost-effective. The brand supplied by Cell Detox Online is a type of ‘activated’ liquid Zeolite i.e. it has been cleaned with citric acid – not harmful humic acid – and micronised to a size less than 1 micron, making it able to permeate the Gut wall and enter the Blood stream.

While in the Blood, it magnetically pulls all positive particles into its crystalline cages and captures them there safely.

Positive particles include Heavy Metals, Xeno-Oestrogens (chemicals come under this heading), Bacteria, Viral components, Fungal and Carcinogenic components. The loaded-up Zeolite crystal leaves the body via the urine 6-8 hours after ingestion. After using this supplement for 15 years, I have observed very few side effects in patients! If there are any problems with the 3-month Cell Detox at any stage, I can monitor the patient to proceed ‘slowly’ to minimise any discomfort.

Zeolite has been recognised for its health benefits for centuries by indigenous cultures. Modern usage includes the use of Zeolite for water and air filtration, soil purification, and inclusion in animal feed mixtures. Perhaps the most dramatic example is the use of Zeolite powder to soak up excess radiation at Chernobyl!

It truly has been the missing ingredient of my past Detox programs! Fortunately I have been able to compare the before-and-after Hair Test charts to demonstrate the wonderful efficacy of this Detox agent. I believe I have all the components in place – including my expertise over the past 20 years – for the best Cell Detox Program advice that can be offered at this time.


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