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MAGGIE’S STORY, Brighton QLD, June 2015

Keywords: EMF Radiation, Electro-Hypersensitivity, Smart Grid, Mobile Phone, Wireless Router

Life before the Cell Damage?

My sister was using computers and word processors regularly in the 1980’s and was what I considered to be quite comfortable with the “new” technology.

What Happened to your sister?

Somewhere around 2002 she bought a mobile phone, but when she used it she was immediately aware of a strong sensation which travelled up her arm and into her heart. She decided that she would text instead, but soon realized that using the phone at all gave her headaches. She gave her phone to her daughter and instructed the children not to use it in the house, or near her. Sometime later she had a reaction, and felt unwell when her son lent her a wireless modem. She declined to keep it. Life was still good, although she did try to avoid being near mobile phones.

Gradually, as mobiles and wireless technology became more prevalent she found that she was frequently ill with headaches that could last for a couple of days. These could be directly attributed to being near a phone when it rang and sent or received texts. I also recall her visiting Mum, becoming ill, insisting that there must be a phone in the house (there wasn’t). We later found out that our niece who was staying with Mum at the time had installed a wireless modem! With the advent of the Smart phone, she became ill more often as they became ubiquitious.

In 2013 she came back to her home (Central Victoria) from a trip to Melbourne – feeling unwell as usual, but expecting to recover after a day or so. But instead of feeling better, she was worse – violent headaches, nausea, facial redness and a sensation of internal burning which persisted. She then found out that the Smart Meter (digital electricity meter which had been on her kitchen wall for several years, and which had been read manually by the meter man) had been “activated” and connected to the “Smart Grid”. It was now working with remote communication – and would be read wirelessly.

Her symptoms were unbearable (and this is a woman with a high pain threshold who has had 5 children). So bad that she had friends and family come over to pack her house, and she abandoned her life in Victoria. She left her children, her grandchildren, her church, her job, her friends and her community. She was an environmental refugee.

She came to Qld, and has been living with my husband and I for 18mths. As a result of her exposure to the Smart Meter her sensitivity to phones and wireless has been heightened. Her reactions are more severe. Now her tongue goes numb as well as the headaches and burning, and her eyes feel like they are burning embers. We have a wired internet connection at home and she is well and has no symptoms when she is here – but when she goes out I would say 95% of the time she arrives home ill. We can tell just by looking at her. It’s virtually impossible to dodge exposure to phones and wireless and towers.

How did she cope with this painful revelation (or series of revelations)?

I am in awe of the way my sister has coped. She is very strong of spirit, and I believe it’s her daily practice of meditation for the last 30 yrs that has given her the fortitude to cope. She has lost everything, including her future.

She’s an educated woman with a degree and yet is unable to work in her field because of constant exposure. Every social outing has consequences. Shopping, appointments, buying petrol, standing in a queue anywhere… and then there is the disbelief and ridicule from the community and even from family. Yes – she is unusual, but as we have discovered through the researching and networking that we have undertaken she is not alone.

There are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who are suffering. 230,000 in Sweden alone are recognized by the Govt as being EHS (Electro Hyper Sensitive). These people are the canaries in the coalmine. They’re bodies are reacting, but everybody is being affected. This is well documented with thousands of peer reviewed studies. In fact in May this year 205 scientists from around the world joined together to formally appeal to the UN and the WHO to express their concerns. Dr Devra Davis, (she shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 with Al Gore for work on raising awareness about Climate Change) recently stated

“The evidence on the damaging effects of cellphone and other wireless radiation is as strong, if not stronger, than the evidence on climate change,”

Who let you down the most?

The WHO, and the Australian Government body ARPANSA. It is their responsibility to protect us, and they are not keeping abreast of the growing evidence. RF radiation from all wireless devices is currently classified as a 2B possible carcinogen, but some of the scientists involved in that classification in 2011 are now calling for it to be upgraded to 2A Probable Carcinogen. Dr Lennart Hardell (one of the scientists from the IARC committee) believes there is evidence to support it being upgraded straight to Class One – Known Carcinogen. Yet the telecommunications industry continues to flood the environment, and every public space with RF. There is not one study in the world that proves it is safe. It shows reckless disregard for the future health of our citizens and all life on the planet.

How do you cope now (who supports your sister, what therapies or strategies help, what links do you both support)?

My sister had done all she can to strengthen her body in order to have more resilience. It has been her focus for the last 18mths. She has an excellent natural diet, juices, mostly fruit and vegetable with organic chicken and some fish. Coconut water to replace electrolytes. She has had her mercury fillings removed and takes supplements to assist detoxing. Nascent iodine. Acupuncture and herbs. Supplements to help rebuild the Myelin sheath.

Neways products have helped, especially Orbitol and Cascading Revenol. Spending time in Nature and by the Ocean. Earthing. She has had 2 Bioresonance treatments and although it’s too early to draw any conclusions, she has responded well to them. It appears that she is less affected by exposure to wireless. We’ll keep you posted on that.

It’s too early to say for sure, but a device called a Blushield seems to be affording her some protection. Will let you know…

There is a strong national and international network of people whose lives have been destroyed, and they are supported by the hundreds of scientists, physicists, biologists, and neurosurgeons who are working together to raise awareness and call for safe technology. Staying home and social isolation is the only thing that keeps her feeling physically healthy.

How do you feel about people who do not know what you know?

Along with many others, I am constantly passing on what I have learnt – trying to alert and educate people – with mixed success. A small percentage of people are interested enough to investigate for themselves, to take steps to protect their children and make changes in their home environment. The media interest is slowly increasing. I think most people now suspect that there may be a link between brain cancer and mobiles, but they are unaware that all cells in the body are affected and that other diseases are caused by exposure. Most people are so addicted to their devices that they do not want to know, and despite being aware of past cover ups with Tobacco, Asbestos etc … they believe that if it was unsafe the Govt would be taking action. Thanks Sue for assisting in spreading the word via this page!

What are your hopes for the future?

Immediate concerns are that “Smart” / “Advanced” Meters are being installed in Qld now, and that when they come to “upgrade” our meter box and we refuse, that we will have our power cut off as they did to Sophia in Victoria. Our focus is to continue working to educate people, especially those at highest risk – pregnant women, parents of young children and teenagers. When we all begin to demand safe technology for ourselves, our children and grandchildren, change will come.  Our hopes, efforts and aspirations are that the public will call upon the government to fund independent science to develop technology which is harmless.  Recently the Canadian government has launched an investigation into the harmful effects of mobile devices – we call upon the Australian Greens to show leadership in this important issue.


SUE, COORAN June 2015

The rest of this website is chock-full of strategies for the 6 cell damages: Radiation, Thyroid dysfunction, Food intolerances, Oestrogen Dominance, Heavy metal toxicity, and those weird and wacky Gene defects.

But I’m really interested in the emotions too…

I know about the intensity of it all from my own ‘series of painful revelations’ since my Coeliac diagnosis almost 3 years ago. I also know how lost I would have been without the blogs sharing other people’s valuable experiences.

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