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Improve your longevity by addressing the 6 Cell Damages with Cellular Hair Testing

We can succumb to multiple toxic insults or we can evolve quickly:

  • A blood test DOES NOT diagnose the Cell mechanics
  • A hair test IS the missing diagnostic key
  • A genome panel goes even FURTHER…

Our two unique Cell Detox reports are based on Hair Tests highlighting the 6 Cell Damages: Radiation, Thyroid Dysfunction, Food Intolerances, Oestrogen Dominance, Heavy Metal toxicity, and Methyl Cycle Gene Defects.

Our reports collate and educate to help you become a better detoxifier for life.

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1. Foundation Cellular Detox $200

What you get:

• ICL Hair Test charts (InterClinical Laboratories)home 2
• Our Explanatory Report
• Recommendations for a 3-month Intensive Detox
• Emphasis on clearing Heavy Metals to assist better cellular entry of nutrients.

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Above is a representational Hair Test chart (1 of 6). It  shows many excessively high nutrient levels.
Unfortunately these minerals are NOT ENTERING THE CELLS PROPERLY, leading to
Cell Starvation and Disease as we know it.
This is due to the presence of Heavy Metals, Xeno-Oestrogens and various biochemical failures.
Our report explains why this is happening, how it impacts your health and HOW TO BEGIN FIXING IT.

Genomes-in-Action Detox $300 

You supply the Genomes Methyl Cycle list (guidance given)

We Supply:

• Follow-up ICL Hair Test charts
• Our Educational Report (collating all information)
• Recommendations for a further 3-month Detox, taking into account the gene defects.

Available as a follow-up service to the foundation Detox,
NOT available as a stand-alone service.

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Below is a representational Genomes Methyl Cycle Panel chart.
By itself, this partial list of GENE DEFECTS doesn’t resonate very much with the average person!
But collated with a Hair Test chart and your Symptoms, it begins to make a lot more sense.
For instance, the activation of the below Gene Defects would be confirmed by a Hair Test chart
showing poor clearance of Oestrogens and an excessively high B12/Cobalt level.
Our cutting edge report will add to your understanding of YOUR OWN EPIGENETIC BLUEPRINT.

Genomes in action chart png

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