6 Cell Damages

My unique CELL DETOX report highlights the management of the following 6 cell damages. 



  • BROMIDE and URANIUM saturation of cells
  • Thyroid Antibodies
  • DNA Mutation
  • EMF Sensitivity Syndrome
  • Cancers, Tumours

“I’m sure they wouldn’t sell us these things if they were really radioactive.”

‘I’m sure they wouldn’t sell us these things if they were really radioactive.’






  1. Highlights the inability of consumed Iodide to enter the Thyroid Gland (Sodium Iodide Symporter) due to bromide saturation from EMF radiation (all things ‘wireless’) and other Halides.
  2. Highlights any damage to Calcium (and domino effects) via damaged Voltage Gated Calcium Channels caused by low-level microwave EMF radiation.
  3. Shows the uranium level from background nuclear exposure


Recommends a protocol to:

  • Reduce EMF ‘24/7 full body’ exposure
  • Safely chelate the bromides (or uranium)
  • Initiate Thyroid and Cell restoration
  • Increase awareness about Dirty electricity and Nuclear radiation
  • Protect DNA daily with earthing techniques
  • Refer for further diagnostic tests e.g. Serum Bromine (Blood <150), RT3, Thyroid antibodies, Red and White Blood cell count, Liver function test, Cancer and Auto Immune markers

Further information on Radiation:


  • NON-IONISING RADIATION (EMF) emanates from all ‘wireless’ apparatus, and can be as much as 2,000 x above the ‘safe’ limit, e.g. 2,000 u W M2 for a mobile phone, leading to Oxidising Stress.
  • SMART METERS for grid return of electricity have horrendously high EMF radiation levels affecting everyone in the household, school or workplace but customers can opt for a Type 4A digital electricity or gas meter. The Type 4 A (as opposed to the Type 4 standard meters) deactivates the remote communications capability, and is much safer!






  • There are some simple mitigation measures e.g. the Coco Phone to reduce radiation especially for children who have higher levels of EMF absorption and damage, as well as longer exposure.
  • There are simple ‘Earthing’ techniques e.g. walking barefoot on the sand or earth to reduce cell damage, though avoidance is the only sure way to avoid the harmful effects.
  • Thyroid Gland health – especially relating to the Cells – is the best defence against EMF and world-wide Nuclear radiation damage. Iodinated  Hormones are the magic elixir to ‘push out’ and ‘keep out’ the harmful Bromides and radioactive toxins.
  • A Hair Test measures the cell level of Uranium.
  • A Hair Test also points to Bromide saturation by showing how well – or not – the Thyroid hormones are accessing the cells.


transistor picUse a battery operated transistor radio to detect the level of EMF or Electricity interference. If you want to purchase a 3-axis Radio Frequency tester, go to www.earthingoz.com.au for more information.

Tune the radio onto an audible station and bring it close to your wireless computer, tablet, mobile, router, printer, smart meter, baby monitor, cordless phone, microwave when you are using them. You will hear what it does to your transistor radio!

This is also a very handy basic test if you suspect your bedroom has strong electrical currents too close to your sleeping space…

Read more about how France has banned wi-fi in daycare centres.

fukushima radiation 2012



US map radiation pic



  • BROMIDE and XENO-OESTROGEN saturation of cells
  • Inflammatory Thyroid Antibodies
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Auto Immune Disorders

2. Thyroid Dysfunction

‘I’m not worried about my chronic fatigue and my 2 chins because my doctor says my TSH is excellent.’


  1. Highlights the inability of Thyroid Hormones to enter the cells due to BROMIDE or XENO-OESTROGEN saturation
  2. Confirms a diagnosis of Thyroiditis when collated with readily identifiable Body and Facial signs and symptoms


Recommends a protocol to:

  • Safely chelate Bromides, Copper/Oestrogen and other toxins targeting the Thyroid
  • Initiate Thyroid and Cell restoration
  • Educate you about key Body and Face markers so you can monitor your own progress
  • Shift the emphasis from correcting only the T4-driven TSH levels
  • Empower you to ask for the right referral diagnostic tests: Bromine (Blood <150), T3, T4, RT3, TSH. Thyroid Antibodies, Food intolerance tests especially GLUTEN antibodies, Lymphocytes, Other Hormone tests, Cancer and Auto Immune markers

Further information on Thyroid Dysfunction:

“HYPOTHYROID and HYPERTHYROID dysfunctions are 2 sides of the 1 coin, and symptoms can alternate frequently in the patient”

  • All Thyroiditis conditions have a common denominator: toxic Bromides or carcinogenic Xeno-Oestrogens saturating the cells and either blocking the entry of consumed Iodide to the Thyroid Gland, or interfering with the conversion of T4 to T3 in the Cells.
  • Food intolerances – especially GLUTEN/CASEIN intolerance – and Thyroiditis conditions aggravate each other in an inflammatory antibody cascade contributing to many Cancers and Auto Immune Disorders
  • In the 1980s Iodine was taken out of bread and Bromine was substituted, contributing, in part, to the epidemic of Thyroiditis conditions since then.
  • Harmful Thyroid Antibodies – in both Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid patients – can go under the radar for years, due to the medical profession’s sole reliance on the TSH test!
  • TSH – as monitored by routine Blood tests – is a measure of circulating Blood T4 only, not of T3, the active Thyroid Hormone that fuels the cells for ATP energy and warmth.
  • So when TSH is normalised, it reflects T4 stabilisation only
  • A Hair Test is extremely valuable in showing whether or not ACTIVE T3 is successfully accessing the cells, or not
  • A Hair Test is useful in identifying any mineral deficiencies (e.g. Zinc, Selenium) exacerbating the Thyroiditis condition
  • A Hair Test can also identify toxins and heavy metals that disrupt Thyroid function


thyroid mug shot1

thyroid mug shot 2 png

Hertoghe E, The Practitioner, Jan 1915, Vol XCIV, No. 1, 26-93

Iodinated Hormones provide fuel for the mitochondria of every cell, making you warm, thin and beautiful, with soft hair and skin. Compare your facial and body features with the following pictures to find signs of ‘mucin accumulation’ and low function in the Thyroid and the Cells.

Thyroid hormones activate enzymes and cleanse cellular debris. Failure to mop up dying cells results in deposits of MUCIN in all connective tissue, known as Myxoedema.

Mucin symptoms include:thyroid cartoon

  • The Face is broad, puffy and coarse
  • Eyelids swell and droop
  • Eyebrows raise up to lift sagging eyelids
  • Bags form under the eyes
  • Hair is sparse on the outer portion of the eyebrows
  • Head Hair thins out and feels dry
  • The Lower lip thickens
  • Nostrils broaden and flatten
  • Goiters form in the neck making it look ‘puffy’ or swollen
  • The throat may feel constricted or irritated with trouble swallowing
  • Fingernails and Toenails become brittle, ridged or discoloured
  • Arms become fat ‘tuckshop’ armsthyroid cartoon 2
  • Shins show dry crocodile skin with sparse hair
  • Hands and Feet become puffy
  • The Voice deepens or becomes hoarse
  • The Jaw clenches a lot at night during sleep


thermometor pic
Use an oral thermometer to daily test your body temperature at regular intervals throughout the day. Record each level to get a daily average, remembering that your temperature can start off low in the morning and ends low at night, your peak being the active hours in the middle of the day.

For good Thyroid health, your average oral temperature should be 36.5 – 37.0° C. This test is far more reliable than a dozen fluctuating TSH tests! If it is consistently low, you have an underactive Thyroid Gland and/or your Cells are under-functioning accordingly.

Remember all cellular-energy-declines affect the Central Nervous System, Heart, Skeletal Muscle, Kidneys and Hormone-producing tissue.

thyroid hair test pic



  • Cell Starvation of Nutrients
  • Cell Inflammation in the Gut, Joints, Thyroid and Brain
  • Auto Immune Disorders
  • Lymphoma Cancers

3 food ‘I’m not one of those attention-seeking freaks who pretend they can’t eat gluten, dairy and salicylates.’


  1. Highlights the warning signs of food intolerances and subsequent Leaky Gut in undiagnosed patients (a consistent pattern of low nutrient levels)
  2. Provides important clues for correcting digestive problems and impaired Liver, Brain and Thyroid function
  3. Monitors cellular mineral levels in diagnosed patients on lifelong restrictive diets  – more reliable than homeostasis-dominated Blood


Recommends a protocol to:

  • Safely Chelate harmful Gut, Thyroid and Brain inflammatory toxins
  • Chelate Heavy Metals blocking key protective minerals
  • Initiate Gut, Thyroid, Brain and Cell restoration
  • Refer for further tests in potentially undiagnosed patients: Gluten Antibodies test, Thyroid Antibodies, Pyrroles Urine test, Methylation tests, Lymphocytes, Food Elimination/Challenge tests
  • Refer for urgent dietary advice if food intolerance is confirmed
  • Increase nutrients and minerals in malnourished patients, after Detox and Diet are established
  • Address long-term Auto Immune conditions

Further information on Food Intolerances:

“Every mouthful you eat is either inflammatory or anti-inflammatory – this applies to EVERYONE”

  • Faulty digestion = faulty molecules passing into the Bloodstream = inflammatory antibodies
  • Food intolerances lead to Malnutrition, Cancers and Auto-Immune disorders
  • Gluten Gluteomorphins and Dairy Caseomorphins are the 2 biggest culprits, producing an opiate-like addictive effect in the Brain, making people eat far too much of these foods
  • Food manufacturers know this and pump gluten and dairy into every processed food imaginable (hence the need for the fastidiousness shown by Coeliacs and the rapidly growing number of food intolerant people).
  • Poor breakdown of Gluten and Casein in the Gut produce short PEPTIDES with opioid properties capable of altering Brain function – see The Gluten Brain MRI images below!
  • Other food intolerances such as Salicylate and Nitrate intolerance may stem from the ‘Leaky Gut’ enteropathy caused by GLUTEN and CASEIN
  • HLA genes are a predisposing factor only
  • It only takes 1 environmental, surgical, viral, genetic, radioactive, hormonal or emotional trigger – or a combination – to drive the latent gluten-sensitive enteropathy (known or unknown to the patient) to the overt form of Coeliac Disease
  • Not confined to the Gut, unchecked antibodies can attack the Mouth (ulcers), Kidneys, Joints, Skin, Thyroid and Brain for years, leading to irrevocable damage
  • Until antibodies are treated with the right diet, and digestion is repaired – or Thyroid or Brain – the cells are in a starvation AND inflammatory cascade
  • Certain Hair Test markers + Key symptoms can prompt a referral for the appropriate medical tests.
  • Already diagnosed Food Intolerant patients on lifelong restricted diets can use Hair tests – as opposed to the Blood with its self-regulating push/pull of minerals – to measure the true mineral status of their cells, to prevent malnutrition
  • Hair Tests give important clues for correcting leaky Gut syndrome and impaired Liver, Brain, Heart and Thyroid function


bread pic

Symptoms of Food intolerances are disguised when daily consumption takes place. Refrain from eating any of the suspected food group for 3 weeks, then eat it again. You will soon confirm your particular food intolerance from the reaction to the re-introduced food.

Reactions range from digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain or abdominal pain to headaches, asthma, a swollen throat, mouth ulcers, a metallic taste in the mouth, acid reflux or maybe a foggy head feeling or dizziness. Every time you re-eat the offending food in this timeframe, you will experience the same range of acute reactive symptoms.

Gluten is more problematical to give up as it is sneaked into so many processed foods that you may not be familiar with. Also many foods are cross contaminated in factories that produce gluten products on the same equipment as seemingly non-gluten products e.g. nuts! If you suspect Gluten as an allergen, you need to stick to a clean Paleo-inspired diet including meat, vegetables and fruit during your elimination challenge.

gluten brain

 4 MRI images of ‘The Gluten Brain’

Marios Hadjivassiliou, David S Sanders, Richard A Grunewald, Nicola Woodroofe, Sabrina Boscolo, Daniel Aeschlimann ‘Gluten Sensitivity: from gut to brain’ in Lancet Neurology 2010; Volume 9: pages 318–30

The 2 left images show diffuse changes to the white matter of the brain whereas the 2 right images show more focal and patchy changes.

The gluten-free diet followed by these 4 patients served to completely resolve the migraines associated with their various states of ‘Gluten Encephalopathy’.

Subsequent MRI scans showed that the white matter did not disappear regardless of the gluten-free diet but at least it did not advance either.


  • XENO-OESTROGEN saturation of cells
  • Breast and Prostate Cancers
  • Obesity
  • Infertility

4 xeno oestrogens

‘My man-boobs are just a sign of old age, not feminising Oestrogen gobbling up all my Testosterone.’


  1. Clearly shows the 10 warning signs of copper toxicity/oestrogen dominance, even when the toxins are ‘sequestered’ deep in our cells
  2. Confirms the diagnosis when collated with the many obvious signs and symptoms in males and females of all ages
  3. Confirms a high carcinogenic ‘inherited burden’ of oestrogen in infants and children


Recommends a protocol to:

  • Successfully Chelate excessive Copper/Oestrogen – including Xeno-Oestrogens and Metallo-Oestrogens – with a well-proven program
  • Supplement with hormone-protective Nutrients to protect the Cells from future Oestrogenic assaults
  • Improve digestion (Gut/Liver) for good clearance of Xeno-Oestrogens
  • Initiate repair of secondary damages e.g. Calcium displacement (e.g. from bones to kidney stones)
  • Initiate repair of secondary damages e.g. Thyroid Disruption, Over-Methylation and associated mental illnesses
  • Supplement with Chinese Herbal formulas to correct damaged reproductive cycles (80-90% effectiveness rate in a 3-6 month time frame)
  • Refer for further tests: Saliva Cortisol, Saliva Hormone tests, Blood Calcium, Vitamin D, Full Thyroid profile, Homocysteine, Cancer and Auto Immune markers
  • Minimise future Xeno-Oestrogen exposure

Further information on  Oestrogen Dominance:

‘OESTROGEN DOMINANCE leads to Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Infertility and Obesity – this has been well-documented for decades now by leading Scientists and Medical experts, ever since the ground-breaking research by Dr John R Lee in the late 20th century.’

  • 70% of Hair Test patients of all ages and both genders present with it
  • Xeno-Oestrogens are found in plastics, petroleum products, pesticides, and the synthetic forms of The Pill and HRT
  • A Xeno-Oestrogen molecule attaches easily to cell receptors, thereby saturating the cell and blocking the ‘true’ endogenous Oestrogen
  • A Xeno-Oestrogen molecule lives in cells, especially Fat cells, for up to 20 years
  • The Gut and Liver cannot excrete them, as they can with endogenous hormones
  • Every generation has an ever-higher inherited toxic burden plus a lifetime accumulated burden
  • Many reproductive symptoms relate to this hormone-disrupting syndrome
  • Infants, Teenagers, Pregnant Women and Menopausal or Andropausal patients are particularly vulnerable to Oestrogen Dominance due to hormonal surges and fluctuations. Their Cell receptors become more susceptible to absorbing the wrong sort of Oestrogen
  • Evidence now shows that excessive radiation (EMF or nuclear) can raise the Copper/Oestrogen to carcinogenic levels
  • Evidence also shows that Gene Defects in the methyl cycle such as COMT ++ or COMT +- can contribute to Oestrogen dominance due to poor clearance of Oestrogen by defective enzymes
  • Fortunately the 10 signs of Xeno-Oestrogen saturation are easily detected in properly interpreted Hair Tests and safely excreted with a well-proven customised program of safe and effective Detox agents, Minerals, Vitamins, Amino acids and Herbs




There are 32 warning indicators of CARCINOGENIC HIGH-OESTROGEN in males and females of all ages:


  • 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Pill-taker
  • 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation HRT-taker
  • Exposure to chemicals and poisons
  • Exposure to Cadmium or Arsenic
  • Tendency to Viral and Fungal infections


  • Anxiety, Depression
  • Aggression
  • Behavioural problems in children


  • Persistent PMT
  • Heavy Painful Periods
  • No Periods
  • Infertility
  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian Cysts
  • Fibroids
  • Hysterectomy (with ovaries removed)


  • Many pregnancies
  • History of Miscarriages
  • Morning Sickness
  • Eclampsia
  • Post-Partum Depression


  • Gallstones
  • Blood Sugar problems
  • Underactive Thyroid


  • Family Obesity
  • Breasts on Boys or Men
  • Early Puberty
  • Raised Cholesterol



  • Mercury, Lead, Cadmium etc. saturation of cells
  • Cell starvation, Malnutrition
  • Cancers
  • Auto Immune Disorders

5 heavy metals

‘I’ve been a hard-working tradie all my life and I couldn’t possibly have any heavy metals without knowing.’


  1. Clearly shows the levels of heavy metals within the cells,
    with the same degree of accuracy as a tissue biopsy
  2. Clearly shows the associated damage done to your cell nutrition
  3. Confirms the cell nutrition damage when collated with the many obvious signs and symptoms e.g. Zinc deficiency signs
  4. Confirms a high ‘inherited burden’ of toxic metals in infants and children


Recommends a protocol to:

  • Identify the Heavy Metals causing the mineral anomalies
  • Safely chelate the Heavy Metals, even cleverly hidden ones
  • Clear displaced nutrients that have become extra-cellular nuisances e.g. calcium deposited in the joints as arthritis-forming crystals
  • Provide minerals for day-to-day use to minimise detox reactions
  • Improve digestion (Gut/Liver) for good clearance of heavy metals
  • Refer for further tests and procedures: Mercury Amalgam Removal, Liver Function tests, Kidney function tests, Blood work, Methylation tests, Food intolerance tests, Cancer and Auto Immune markers
  • Restore mineral levels to their optimum levels – at the appropriate time – for ongoing protection
  • Minimise future heavy metal exposure in the home, school and workplace

Further information on Heavy Metals:

‘Blood tests do not show up heavy metals!’

  • Hair Tests, on the other hand, are as accurate as cell biopsies for measuring heavy metals in the cells
  • This is due to Blood Homeostasis: the Blood is a vital circulating fluid and has inbuilt mechanisms to DUMP heavy metals into the cells and organs.
  • Lead, for instance, is undetectable in the Blood 30-40 days after known exposure. Instead it displaces Calcium in the joints, bones and teeth. It also lodges in the Liver, Kidneys and Reproductive organs where it can stubbornly stay for 20 years.
  • Every heavy metal – inherited or absorbed – displaces targeted minerals from the cells
  • Families often show the same heavy metals, even babies and young children, showing a strong hereditary absorption
  • Behavioural disorders e.g. the Autism Spectrum Disorders are especially influenced by heavy metal toxicity, combined with food intolerances making up the two main causative factors (aggravated by ‘switched on’ gene defects in the Methyl Cycle)
  • It becomes a vicious cycle wherein the cells lack the ‘protective buffer minerals’ to resist further absorption during a lifetime’s inevitable continued exposure
  • The result is ‘cell starvation’ leading to the inflammatory cascade of Cancers and Auto-Immune Disorders
  • So Hair Tests are for everyone, not just for workers with known industrial exposure!
  • Hair is a superb indicator of recent metabolic activity because it starts off as an internal entity brushing alongside Lymph, Blood and Cellular fluids, and ends as a sealed external entity, easily accessed with a pair of scissors!
  • More importantly, properly interpreted Hair Tests can detect cleverly hidden cellular toxins by identifying certain mineral anomalies
  • It is relatively easy to rid the body of the heavy metals – over time, observing the heavy metals hierarchy – and re-supplement the cells with the missing minerals, following detox therapy.
  • It is also imperative that the patient investigate the causes of continued exposure which often relate to WATER, FOOD, HOUSEHOLD FURNISHINGS, and COOKING HABITS
  • You can combine your Mercury amalgam removal with a Hair Test to minimise damage to your Immune system from the newly liberated quantity of Mercury particles and vapours resulting from tooth drilling.


tap pic

High Copper/Oestrogen

Look for the telltale BLUE mark caused by Copper toxicity on your water taps or in your water filters. If your water is acidic, it will draw the copper from copper pipes. Test the pH of your water using a pH strip purchased from the pool shop.

teeth picMercury Amalgams

Have your Dentist safely remove your Mercury amalgams as soon as you have reduced the Cellular level of Mercury, as identified in your HTMA chart. Ensure your Zinc and Magnesium levels are high before starting. Check that your Dentist has a suitable vapour air filter for the Mercury vapours released during the dental process.


  • Epigenetic DNA Gene Defects are inherited from birth
  • Awaiting a ‘stress trigger’ to be switched on
  • Enzymes servicing the cells suddenly function poorly
  • Rapid Degenerative Decline in Heart health, Cognition, Immunity
  • Dementia and Autism

6 genes

‘Show us how to party all our lives, regardless of our genes!’


  1. Highlights cell damages resulting from the ‘switched on’ gene defects


Recommends a protocol to:

  • Identify the presence of methylation gene defects in the Hair Test charts
  • Supplement nutrients based on Hair Test findings to offset damage caused by ‘switched on’ defects of the moment
  • Continue any detoxing of toxins or rebalancing of minerals require
  • Educate you about ongoing detoxification priorities in one of THE fastest growing research topics!

Further information on Methyl Cycle Genetic Tests:

‘The Methyl Cycle has been underestimated in the past’

  • It is now seen to be associated with mental health, heart health and all areas of immunity
  • Any gene defects in the Methyl Cycle have far-reaching effects
  • These gene defects are also known as POLYMORPHISMs or SNPs: Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (pronounced ‘snips’)
  • The best way – for now – to measure the damage of DNA Methyl Cycle gene defects is to observe the defects in action i.e. note which gene defect has been triggered and how it is manifesting in your symptom presentation
  • Your before-and-after Hair Test charts assist me to highlight gene defects in action
  • This is a rapidly growing and complex research area, so discovery of genomes-in-action can only get better as time goes on
  • Already I can see obvious correlations between gene defects and Hair Test patterns e.g. Copper toxicity and COMT, a gene defect showing poor clearance of Oestrogens or Lead toxicity and VDR, a Vitamin D receptor SNP
  • Patients who join me in this frontier research can only benefit from this rapidly growing nutritional/epigenetic science.


AGT genomes pic

Smart DNA


“High-dose vitamin therapies have been efficacious in ameliorating 50 genetic diseases. The diseases are usually due to variant enzymes with decreased affinity (increased Km) for vitamin-derived cofactors. Feeding high doses of the vitamin raises the tissue cofactor concentrations and thereby increases the activity of the defective enzyme…

Nutritional interventions to improve health are likely to be a major benefit of the genomics era… With the advent of genomics and individual polymorphism assessment, it will become possible to customize vitamin therapies to suit the genotypic, and thus more specific, needs of individuals, instead of treating the phenotype…

This is especially relevant in the dawning era of genomics, in which it will someday become routine to screen individuals for polymorphisms and thus treat persons more efficaciously by genotype, rather than just phenotype… It will soon be possible to identify the complete set of genes having cofactor finding sites and the polymorphisms that fall into these regions, with an end goal of using vitamins, and possibly amino acids, hormones and minerals to effect a metabolic tune up.”

Dr Amy Yasko, Workshop: ‘Genomics, Methylation and RNA Based Nutrients’ www.holistichealth.com downloaded 2015


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