Sue Nelson BA, BTCM, Accredited HTMA Practitioner:

1) Musculo-Skeletal Acupuncture 

Monday 10am – 5.30pm 
Friday 10am – 5.30pm

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2) Cell Detox

3-month programs, incorporating Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and all Supplements.

Saturday 10am – 1pm

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Mini Studios, 5 Factory Street, POMONA



(Please Note: Moxa has been replaced by Infrared heat, due to smoke concerns. Also, Massage and Cupping are applied, as needed only.)



Improve your longevity by urgently addressing the 6 Cell Damages with Cellular Hair Testing 

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Cell Detox Australia

We can succumb to the multiple toxic insults of the new millennium or we can evolve quickly:

  • A blood test DOES NOT diagnose the Cell mechanics
  • A hair test IS the missing diagnostic key
  • A 3-month or 6-month Cellular Detox Program CAN clear the accumulated toxins of a lifetime, and protect your precious Cells from repeated toxic onslaughts…

My unique Cell Detox report is based on your Hair Test. My report highlights the 6 Cell Damages: Radiation, Thyroid Dysfunction, Food Intolerances, Oestrogen Dominance, Heavy Metal toxicity, and Poor Methylation.

This customised report ‘collates and educates’ to help you become a better detoxifier for life.

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