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SMART METER WATCH: Victorian Govt regrets smart meter rollout due to poor financial returns

direction of smart meter radiationAn article in the The Australian 17/9/15 augurs well for smart meter opponents, hinting at financial losses by the key stakeholders of the Victorian rollout.

A report by the Victorian Auditor-General, John Doyle, finds that the $2.2 billion government-condoned rollout  from 2006 Р2014 has had profoundly limited financial benefits!


While opponents like myself might prefer that any decision be based on HEALTH concerns to all residents, it is still heartening to see that market forces are discouraging any future plans to install this unsafe technology in a technocratic compulsory manner, such as occurred with the unfortunate Victorian ‘guinea pig’ residents.

John Doyle’s report alludes to a 2017 target to have 15% smart meter customers sign up for ‘flexible pricing’. The rationale given for the government’s mandate for this highly corporate rollout was that customers would be better able to keep track of their energy usage so they could choose ‘flexible pricing’ for their needs. In reality, only 0.27% have signed up since 2009, and in the meantime every household has paid for the cost of the smart meter installations via extra charges applied to their power bills.

John Doyle finds in his report that almost 70% of Victorian residents do not have any idea about the so-called benefits of smart meters.

Talk about adding insult to injury! While being microwaved by harmful unacceptably-high EMF radiation emanating from both sides of the smart meter – see image – the resident has also had to pay financially while not understanding or seeking the sudden changes. EMF-aware residents who opposed the installation on their properties were treated appallingly by the power companies, backed up by government threats of punishment. Many residents have developed electro-hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS) since the smart meter installation and have had to flee their homes in the state of Victoria like refugees! Many more are suffering EHS without even knowing the cause of their sudden migraines or chronic fatigue.

Landis and Gyr E350 emanating 50,000 micro watts of harmful EMF Radiation both ways

And all this to give shareholders of Landis and Gyr a massive profit.

Landis and Gyr obtained 56% of the smart meter rort with their digital meter model E350 – see image. But they’re laughing because in 2011 Toshiba bought Landis and Gyr for the amount of US$2.3 billion. Landis and Gyr shareholders include Heinz heir and former chief of APN media group Cameron O’Reilly, John B Fairfax, the Smorgon family and Kerry Stokes.

The public have paid $2.2 billion to subsidise the smart meter rollout in Victoria and any savings have just gone straight back to the power companies who got to sack all the meter readers. The digital smart meters are like radios – they transmit all the data, without the need for meter reading. The problem is that anything that transmits like a radio to that distance has high electro-magnetic frequency Radiation and transmits all day and night without any let-up, up to 200,000 signals every 24 hours. Residents are getting 24/7 non-ionising radiation at unacceptably high levels.

The Australian College of Environmental Science recommends 10 micro-watts as a safe EMF limit in the home, as our bodies cannot be shielded from this type of Radiation. Digital radio-wave smart meters transmit 50,000 micro-watts of non-ionising Radiation!! It’s no wonder people are suddenly developing unexplained migraines!

Considering that Lloyds of London – the biggest insurer in the world – has refused to indemnify payouts for radiation health damage due to mobile phone EMF exposure, the Landis and Gyr shareholders and the Victorian government had better hope there are no costly retrospective lawsuits in the future.

After all, the use of mobile phones is voluntary – albeit ill-informed – and exposes the user to approximately 2,000 micro-watts EMF Radiation. Smart meters were forced upon unaware Victorian residents and now transmit 50,000 micro-watts EMF Radiation in both directions, making them lethal unremitting technological devices peppered throughout the whole state in a scenario not unlike the ASBESTOS debacle.